Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 1

Well today I was able to sneak out of he house on errands. I stopped by the 2 Guys Smoke Shop in Nahusa NH and picked out a AVO 787. Not many tobacconists seem to sell this particular stogie. It was $7.99 at 2Guys.

The 787 consists of a Connecticut Seed, Sun Grown Ecuadorian
wrapper, Dominican binder, and Dominican filler. The cigar opened up with a flourish of nuts and coffee and quickly took on a toasty flavor.

While some cigars aren’t so good in the first inch, the 787 was a great smoke right off the bat. It struck me as being very complex, with flavors of grain, toast, coffee and earthiness. It seemed that every puff was noticeably different than the one preceding it. The rest of the cigar remained earthy with just a bit of leather. As entered the final inch of the cigar, it took on a harsh flavor, and I gave up my ambitions for a proper finger-burning nub.

Top25Cigar Rating : 8.11

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