Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yesterday's Cigar 07/15/08

Sorry I wasn't able to report on the CDJ yesterday, so there will be 2 postings today.

Yesterday I had a Oliva Serie O 7x50 $5.39 at 2Guys.

Top25 Cigar Rating : 9.0

I liked this cigar very much. The pre-lite aromas were woody and fresh. The light was easy as well as the draw. The stogy produced a lot of thick smoke, so much so I thought people would have assumed I was on fire or sending a S.O.S.

I would get this cigar again, possibly in a box or 5-Pack.

The Series O earns its name as the original blend to hit the market. The all Nicaraguan tobaccos used gives this cigar a medium well-rounded body and aroma. A silky Nicaraguan Colorado
wrapper finishes this cigar making it look almost as good as it tastes.

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dogs2bird1 said...

The Oliva brand itself is very well constructed.However when it comes to wrapper in either the O or the G serie, I prefer the maduro. Is a bit sweeter and just adds so much to the overall cigar.